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The Approach

We did a competitive review to help establish best practices and to define an early MVP. We conducted street intercepts, phone interviews and in-person ethnos to gain knowledge and create a set of personas to guide the design while also concept testing with early sketches.

Our design was influenced by our research as well as the Stanford behavior design methodology. User scenarios helped us track tricky situations and solve the most difficult problems early.

Our designs were created for the mobile phone first and then for the desktop. We used an approach that let us wireframe both on the same page. We worked collaboratively with a development and product team by having our daily stand-ups over Google hangouts.

The Results

The product launched in May 2013 for the first customer.

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WellMatch is a new price transparency product that helps users find healthcare providers and see their personal out-of-pocket costs. It is available on multiple channels, desktop, tablet and mobile phone. The project also included naming, logo design, and a demo video.

As the Creative Lead, I led a design team of four on multiple tracks of work from 10/2012 – 02/2013.

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