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The Approach

The promise of UrbanSitter is the ability for parents to book a sitter recommended by a friend or parent in one of their social groups. For sitters, it provides a safe way to earn flexible income. Our users are multi-platform and so is our product. Users might see an ad on Facebook, sign up on the the mobile-responsive website, save a search for later, then download the app to message, book, and pay.

We take a data-informed approach to design. At any moment, we can dig into the database to answer random questions about user behavior. We look at behavior flows in Google Analytics to see where users drop-off. We analyze the types of messages that users sent to one another to get more insights into how users want to communicate. We user test new flows and we strive to A/B test our critical conversion points.

We get our best results collaborating across functions and with each other. As such, please note that the work presented here is the result of the collaborative efforts of many people including talented designers, researchers, product managers, and engineers.

The Results

For more information on the process and results, please download the case studies.


As the Director of Product Design, I lead the design team for all platforms – iOS, Android, and mobile responsive web.
01/2014 – present

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