I was recently talking to some dads lamenting The Dad Who Does Everything Better than I Do. You know the one who make great sandwich drawings everyday for his kids’s lunch. Or the one who built a Mission Control Station out of spare parts in the Garage. Even the one who lets his kids jump off the garage roof onto the trampoline in the backyard.

It’s awards season. So for your consideration, I shamelessly dug out this recording. It’s a song Zachary wrote and performed for Corona when she spent a good part of her day flying off to new adventures in the UltraSaucer.


Corona in the UltraSaucer

Play the recording below:


“Ultrasaucer Pilot”
by Zachary Smith

ultrasaucer pilot
flying through the stars
hunting for her breakfast
on the moons of mars

rapt in concentration
scanning round to see
the butterfly spectrometer
and the fuzzy bee

ultrasaucer pilot
in the living room
skimming cross the carpet
fast as she can zoom

and she’ll fly so high
cruising faster than light
‘til she’s clean out of sight

cross the galaxy
ultrasaucer girl
sail home to me.

ultrasaucer pilot
flying through the stars
she will find adventure
on the moons of mars